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“Ni How!” there Enemy Mutant (Mr. Joss Whedon and Associates), my aim here ain’t to misbehave, not one shiny bit. I found the character of Shepherd Darrial Book to be a bit, “Bookulation in nature.” I ain’t no reaver ya know and I don’t mean to “damage your calm or those of the Demon Mutant kind either.” I don’t mean no harm no how and my moment of feeling kind of truthsome right now is so I can head off any real need to do bad, Dohn luh mah!

I know in this Whedon-verse you are the Lao Bahn and I don’t want you to think I am a Yi Da Dwei Bun Chou Roh. I am to behave and when done not make no real signal that I am being a Sha Gwa.

I don’t mean to make no damn profit but pay homage to your awesome and shiny characters and show. Please don’t make of me an “Ath-wipe” for taking such liberties in this writings. Don’t send me any blue-meanies nor cause me to endure no blue-handed trauma, please. I are trying to achieve Book-smarts for fans. The only power in this verse that could stop me is Joss Whedon, hope you won’t tho.

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This site is an experiment, an experiment in writing toward a goal of writing fiction. It focuses on the Firefly/Serenity world because I find that world exciting and, for me, in need of more understanding. As I write and post you can return periodically because I intend to update each effort as I learn more about the subject and as I add more substance to my posts.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Philosophy of the Serenity Ballad

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand

Many of histories major changes come from some sort of loss. It is about some freedom’s either being literally lost/removed or symbolically lost/removed. It places us in a position where we literally cannot stand, stand as in our philosophical and political stance and also tends to be about where we literally stand, i.e., when certain belief systems come under attack such as when the homes, belongings and lives were literally removed, etc., where that group stood in relation to others who had different beliefs. 

I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me.

The indomitable spirit of the human condition that often inspires one to seek out and live differently to achieve goals and new beliefs, etc. 

Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain't comin' back

The black, the void, that which is unknown where one cannot see who and what may become an obstacle to what you desire, as in changes. It denotes a commitment that many who seek change in a society that often leads to death of those who look to change while those who remain the same try to force the changers to remain, under their control. You have to commit to what your goals are in changing and never let your mind consider going back to what you may perceive as a suppressive way of living - often the impetus to change. To take oneself out to the black, that darkened room with no light to illuminate the way so each individual is forcing themselves to achieve a resolute attitude to change for what they perceive as for the better. 

Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me.

Burning our bridges while the old burn you out of house and home and going so far as to boil the sea parted to reach a gaol so one will not desire return and the other removes the dissenters from influencing those who remain under their control, etc. 

Leave the men where they lay
They'll never see another day
Lost my soul, lost my dream
You can't take the sky from me.

It comes down to a death or loss, both metaphysical and physical and psychological. It is about the losses left to lie behind us as we travel toward change. It is about losing the past so the future can achieve its goal. Change comes from our dreams and those dreams lead toward the vastness represented by the black, space, that vastness where our Verse lives. It is something present as the black, the void, that is available to everyone willing to step toward the skies openness and possibilities. 

I feel the black reaching out
I hear its song without a doubt
I still hear and I still see
That you can't take the sky from me.

An urge for change of a true believer, a believer in this instance of the Independents along with believers in Serenity, its crew and especially its Captain. The Captain as will be provided for in the next stanza lost a lot, his soul, his dreams, his home on the planet, "Shadow," that also once held as its base, The Independents. 

Lost my love, lost my land
Lost the last place I could stand 
There's no place I can be
Since I've found Serenity

Everything old is lost and all that is new is found in Serenity, it is a model of gypsies roaming the Verse finding jobs where found and skirting the influences of the Alliance at all costs. Losing the one place where one could stand leaving only the fluidity of a moving ship to hold down one’s feet. Like yin-yang, Serenity and the Firefly Clan floated, flew and survived by roaming the Verse taking routes that circumvented any known routes others traveled unless the need dictated. 

And you can't take the sky from me.

About an indomitable spirit, a true believer who is prepared to go the distance. A affirmation of self toward the freedom symbolized by the black itself that knows of not limits, no boundaries and no ceiling that would, could and will not stop the signal in the hearts of those who believe. 

Biji [筆記] & Yijian [意見]: 

Lets take on the name, Serenity. Chinese for serenity is Ningjing [寧靜] meaning “Serenity,” and “Calm, peaceful; serene; healthy and quiet.” There be some “Calm” going on here don’t you think? It makes me wonder why the creator used the term to name the ship and represent the Captain and Crew. When references abound to such sayin as “You are damaging my calm,” etc., and that more often than not the ship and crew spend a bit of time in the black, i.e., see below, you might get a feeling they are seeking that peaceful calm.

Space, the Ultimate Black (these are my notes on the black for a complete book I am considering so overlook the note like writing.)

When we first became aware of space we thought of it as this black canvas with a huge quantity of light specks varying in size often indiscernible with the naked eye. We could only see space when the Earth was fully turned away from the light of our sun. We assumed in the beginning all the specks above us were reflections of our sun but reality soon taught us that only those planets in our solar system were lighted by our sun and that all those other specs were either stars with their own energy displayed as light or reflections of those same suns off planets surrounding those sources of light reflecting to us over vast and empty black space.

There is no source of light that will illuminate the entire vastness of space and when our perceptions are taken a distance away from our sun then the black that would surround us in a space vehicle becomes a total and complete black where if possible and in a literal way meant one could not see, literally, our nose on our faces, we would see, if seeing is actually even possible in the black without some energy source somewhere reflecting, literally the nothingness of the black we call space. 

When totally and completely in the black of space, spacial perceptions of the human mind through the apertures of the human eye, like a camera, can no longer perceive any distinctions relative to our experiences planet side with our sun’s light and energy. It becomes a mind boggling process to even imagine what it is like to be in and traveling through the pure, complete and dissonance of blackness space surrounds as if a void that provides space and distance between and holding objects that make up our Universe. 

The reason we refer to it as the black is because that is the only description other than that of a void that can be perceived to relate a distinction to the human mind as that space that separates the heavenly bodies known to exists in the black. 

If the space traveler removes every visage of energy and light the human mind simply cannot perceive anything other than the black making the mind subject to what Earthers would call, “Sensory Deprivation,” as experienced in such sensory deprivation tank experiments of old Earth. A sensory tank process used in determining the best humans to travel in space and survive especially if issue arise causing a total loss of light, the person would need to survive with a whole mind while using only tactile senses to repair the environment under the stress of time. 

As a side quality that would enhance one’s perceptions in a totally black situation it tested folks toward the possible enhancement of mental powers and even opens the mind to a possible gateway to another Universe of the mind contributing to an ability toward survival in the direst situations of survival in the deepest and blackest of space.

The only way to properly screen for the absolute best to transport human kinds DNA to the new verse was to find out who could handle and survive the absolute worst case scenario such as a complete ship loss of power and light making a person subject to what can be found only in the black of space or through the use of sensory deprivation tanks, i.e., “A tank filled with water and 800 pounds of epson salt so the person will float the entire body at or near the surface, no light creating no sense of vision and a kind of quiet that allow you to actually hear your muscles as they tense and relax, your heart beat and your eyelids close. The buoyancy attained with the salt lends the tanks environment as close to zero-gravity as can be attained without being in space itself. The temperature remains, water and body, at a set 34 degree celsius, i.e., the same temp of the bodies skin resulting in one’s ability to perceive where your body ends and where the water and air begin. 

This test gave an easy screening process toward finding those humans who would last the great time and distances they would encounter over decades to centuries of travel in space bringing us to survival of effects encountered in space travel on the human body and mind.

Humans can imagine the totality of the black, space surrounding the objects of the Universe, by experiencing a sensory deprivation tank. Also, they needed to understand that the only sensation of movement in the black of space would be the feeling of gravity through acceleration and deceleration processes because movement in the black of space is indiscernible even when one can see the surrounding starts out there, in the distant black, due to the vastness and distance that makes movement discernible by the human mind non-existent. It was discussed that possibly the ship could have false windows toward space that would promote a perception of movement of stars to help the mind handle the obstacles such a lack of movement, time, distance and the enormity of decades of similarity unchanged as it might effect the psychology of the travelers. To remove or lessen the daunting concept of considerable time and distance space travel.